State Police Redevelopment Rendering
The State Police Post Redevelopment centers on Michigan State University’s mission to be Bolder By Design by enhancing the student experience and advancing the university’s culture of high performance. The site, named 1855 Place in honor of the year MSU was founded, will retain its convenient event parking while also offering single students and student families a vibrant community with revitalized apartment housing, engagement areas, scenic plazas and a marketplace to fulfill every Spartan’s need. With Residential and Hospitality Services and MSU Athletics administration finding a new, consolidated home at the site, not only will residents be able to easily secure tickets to the next big game, but the benefits of this new collaborative and efficient workspace will be felt across the university.

Project Updates

Last update: December 04, 2017

What's Happening Now

Construction on 1855 Place has been completed and all facilities are now open. Stop by to enjoy the new Starbucks, Sparty's Market, Spartan Ticket Office, Spartan Spirit Shop and Housing Assignments Office.

What's Happening Next

Residential and Hospitality Services team members continue staggard moves into the office building throughout the fall.

Project Timeline


Board of Trustees approves planning of the project following feasibility study and site selection

Oct. 2013

Board of Trustees gives approval to begin Phase 1

Jun. 2015

Phase 1

Groundbreaking and construction of Phase 1 begins

Fall 2015

Phase 1 opens, including family housing and parking

Fall 2016

Phase 2

Construction of Phase 2 begins

Fall 2016

Phase 2 opens, including single student housing, offices, retail venues and community space

Fall 2017

Ceremonial ribbon cutting and site dedication

Fall 2017

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Start with the Faq's

What is the plan for school needs of the children living in the redeveloped housing?

Students will attend East Lansing schools, just as Spartan Village children do. We will work with the school district on school bus routes to serve the new development.

Will there be housing for faculty?

With East Lansing and Lansing offering many wonderful and affordable housing options, the redevelopment looks to focus on housing MSU’s student population rather than long-term staff. MSU is currently exploring options for housing visiting faculty and scholars near and on campus.

What will be the makeup of students living in the space?

We are committed to meeting the needs of our students, especially graduate students, international students and students with families. There has been a significant shift in the population we serve at Spartan Village Apartments. While the demand for family housing has declined over the years, the need for single student housing – including graduate and international students – has increased.

Why was this location chosen for new student housing?

Following an in-depth feasibility study of three campus properties – the current Spartan Village site, the former Cherry Lane/Faculty Bricks site and the former State Police Post site – the former State Police Post site at the corner of Harrison and Kalamazoo was identified as the strongest site for this project. Current plans call for the redevelopment to open in 2017, with a subsequent closure of Spartan Village.

Are any of the buildings that will come offline before 2017 currently occupied?

Decisions about which buildings will come offline will be determined as they come up for costly scheduled maintenance and repairs. The buildings are safe for occupancy and residents will be notified in a timely manner to enable them to plan accordingly.

Should residents expect to need to move sooner than 2017?

Housing built in the Redevelopment’s Phase 1 will began leasing in the fall of 2015 for a move-in date of summer 2016, with Phase 2 housing beginning leasing in the fall of 2016 for a move-in date of summer 2017. Spartan Village Apartments will not close until the new development is fully built and operational. REHS staff is committed to being effective, efficient, transparent and timely throughout this process and are prepared to assist with moving. We will be meeting with residents early and often as more information becomes available to make sure information is shared as soon as possible.

Will international students have a voice in this process?

International students have been a strong part of the Spartan Village community. We are committed to engaging the thoughts of Spartan Village community members, and that most definitely includes international students. Current residents will have priority to continue residence in the new housing if they so choose.

Will there be student representation in this process?

Yes. Student feedback has been integral in making sure design plans fit current and future students’ needs. We are committed to providing housing options that meet the needs of all students  graduate and undergraduate; single or those with families; as well as domestic and international students. We will be transparent throughout this process and will ensure there continue to be opportunities for all students to share their needs and concerns.

How will the needs of these students be accommodated in future housing?

We have heard a variety of feedback, including input from the students taken into account during the design process. Themes included safety, connectivity to campus and other community resources, water quality, parking availability, play space, walkability and – what shows to be a top priority – community space.

What will be the cost for living in the new housing units?

The *proposed rates for 2016-17 student family housing are $800-825 for a one-bedroom and $925-950 for a two-bedroom. We will be mindful to keep the cost affordable and competitive with the local housing market in order to meet the budgetary needs of students. Rates for single student housing will be determined closer to its opening in summer of 2017. 

Interest forms can be submitted at

*Proposed rates are tentative and subject to change. Rates will be approved by the MSU Board of Trustees in April 2016.

General Questions:

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Phone: 517-355-3465


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