State Police Redevelopment Rendering
The State Police Post Redevelopment centers on Michigan State University’s mission to be Bolder By Design by enhancing the student experience and advancing the university’s culture of high performance. The site, named 1855 Place in honor of the year MSU was founded, will retain its convenient event parking while also offering single students and student families a vibrant community with revitalized apartment housing, engagement areas, scenic plazas and a marketplace to fulfill every Spartan’s need. With Residential and Hospitality Services and MSU Athletics administration finding a new, consolidated home at the site, not only will residents be able to easily secure tickets to the next big game, but the benefits of this new collaborative and efficient workspace will be felt across the university.

Project Updates

Last update: December 04, 2017

What's Happening Now

Construction on 1855 Place has been completed and all facilities are now open. Stop by to enjoy the new Starbucks, Sparty's Market, Spartan Ticket Office, Spartan Spirit Shop and Housing Assignments Office.

What's Happening Next

Residential and Hospitality Services team members continue staggard moves into the office building throughout the fall.

Project Timeline


Board of Trustees approves planning of the project following feasibility study and site selection

Oct. 2013

Board of Trustees gives approval to begin Phase 1

Jun. 2015

Phase 1

Groundbreaking and construction of Phase 1 begins

Fall 2015

Phase 1 opens, including family housing and parking

Fall 2016

Phase 2

Construction of Phase 2 begins

Fall 2016

Phase 2 opens, including single student housing, offices, retail venues and community space

Fall 2017

Ceremonial ribbon cutting and site dedication

Fall 2017

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Start with the Faq's

Will tailgating be allowed in the parking areas?

The parking lots at the site have been used for special event parking and tailgating over the past few seasons without incident. In the new development, the special event parking lots (the larger lots at the southeast end of the site) will not be open to students or to the public during athletic events, but will be designated for donor parking. In addition, MSU will continue to encourage fans to celebrate responsibly and will evaluate the use of the parking lots on an on-going basis, making appropriate adjustments as needed.

Will parking be provided near the new housing facility?

Parking will be available onsite for residents and staff (including bike and moped parking). With the Redevelopment based close to the core of campus, this will also allow walkers excellent access to academic facilities and amenities.

What is included in the project?

The project will include:

  • Three 4-story buildings that will provide 60 one bedroom units and 129 two-bedroom units for students with families;
  • 244 housing units for individual students, consisting of a combination of studios and 2- and 4-bedroom apartments;
  • Retail space, which will include, among other things, a grocery-lite marketplace, a ticketing office for University events and a Starbucks;
  • University administrative offices;
  • Surface parking lots and a parking deck; and
  • Outdoor recreation spaces and common areas.
Why not develop more single student and family student apartments?

In order to continue offering affordable housing to students, we have to size the new development appropriately to ensure the space will be filled. Residential and Hospitality Services is a self-supporting auxiliary. As such, housing facilities must be designed so that they can be filled in order to manage costs. There is a need for single student graduate housing as well as family housing on campus, with the Redevelopment’s housing plan designed to address this need.

What will be the size of the new facility?

Family Apartments

1-Bedroom: 60 units
2-Bedroom: 129 units, 258 beds
Total: 189 apartments, 318 beds

Single Student Apartments

University Village: 76 units, 304 beds
Studios: 32 units
2-Bedroom: 124 units, 248 beds
2-Bedroom Efficiency: 12 units, 24 beds
4-Bedroom Flat: 36 units, 144 beds
4-Bedroom Efficiency: 8 units, 32 beds
4-Bedroom Townhome: 32 units, 128 beds
Total: 320 units, 912 beds

Grand Total: 509 Units, 1,230 Beds

What is the size of Spartan Village compared to the redevelopment?

Spartan Village is approximately 70 acres. We are looking at a reduction in the total number of apartments to be built, using approximately 40 total acres.

Will the park-like setting of Spartan Village carry over to the new design?

The former State Police Post affords us a large swath of land that resides in the 100-year flood plain. While we cannot build housing on that portion of the property, it is ideal for a play and recreation area. Plans currently call for a reconstruction of the community garden that exists in Spartan Village.

What was the thinking behind the layout of the project?

MSU’s vision for the site is for it to be an engaging, walkable, urban space that places students close to the academic core of the University. The project was designed with its impact on the Red Cedar neighborhood in mind. To that end, the family housing was placed near the residential neighborhood in order to allow families to be next to families. The apartment buildings for individual students will be to the east of the existing University Village buildings near the intersection of Kalamazoo Street and Harrison Road. The parking deck, surface parking lots, office building and retail space will be located near the Harrison Road corridor. The land to the west of University Village is within the 100-year flood plain and has been designated as recreational space.

Why is MSU redeveloping the site?

MSU has a mission-driven need for student housing. Built in the 1950s and 1960s, the Spartan Village buildings have exceeded their life expectancy and have become very expensive to maintain and repair. While the buildings that are currently occupied remain safe for the time being, in order for us to continue to deliver outstanding Spartan experiences to our residents, we have determined that Spartan Village Apartments will close in 2017, pursuant to MSU’s strategic plan for Residential and Hospitality Services. Replacement housing and buildings to be used for ancillary purposes are being constructed at the site previously occupied by the Michigan State Police and on the adjacent property owned by MSU at Harrison and Kalamazoo.

The East Lansing community, the Red Cedar Community Association in particular, have asked MSU to develop more family housing in this area since the closing of the former University Village apartments and Cherry Lane/Faculty Bricks apartments in 2011. In addition, students have told us, through meetings, focus groups and their rental patterns, what amenities and environment they would like in a development. Being close to the academic core of the University and having resources on site were among their chief concerns. This new development is meant to benefit both the community and the University.

General Questions:

Media Contact: Kat Cooper, Director of Communications
Phone: 517-355-3465


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